Welcome to the 64 Dakini Oracle.

The 64 Dakini Oracle presents a 21st Century divination system that allows a person to consult the oracle and receive access to one of 64 portals, each portal being the realm of a Dakini.

The oracle is designed to provide a map of Goddess energy and consciousness for our times. The Goddess is emerging in our culture and the 64 Dakini Oracle is her 21st century temple. It presents an integrated vehicle through which to directly access specific aspects of the energy of the Goddess.

While inspired by the 64 Yogini Temples of India and related to the I Ching (the most renowned system of divination), the 64 Dakini Oracle is its own unique system of divination. It is based on an elemental codex. Each Dakini is assigned a trigram derived from Earth, Fire, Air and Water as her elemental signature. To embody these principles, the Oracle draws upon archetypes of the Divine Feminine from across the spiritual history of the planet, including those specific to our current era. As the Dakinis wished to take the shapes most suited to the transformation of our times, I have used a global rather than a regional template, drawing on archetypes from all over the world. The Dakinis are multi-cultural and multi-dimensional.

The number 64 is a powerful interface between macrocosm and microcosm. It figures centrally in computer systems, in the DNA and the division of the human cell. The human embryonic cell divides 64 times before it specializes and becomes a specific tissue type and body part, and the DNA has 64 codons. As such, this oracle represents a map of potential. The aim of the Dakinis is to activate and stimulate the potential of all sentient beings, so that they may awaken and reach self realization. The mandala of their temple is a full spectrum palette of these potentials and qualities.

The term Dakini is found in Hindu and Buddhist spiritual teachings. It refers to beings whose mission statement is to awaken and enlighten. To this end they are able to shapeshift and appear, in visions or in reality, in whatever form they choose to help instigate and promote this awakening process.

The 64 Dakini Oracle presents 64 portals into the energies of these Dakinis in the form of a circular temple or ‘mothership’. Its central sun is aligned to the solar plexus of the subtle body, known as the transformation center, and seen as having 64 rays.

Each Dakini is presented as a highly detailed visual montage, which depicts her in her realm, her sphere of influence.  For each of the 64 photographic shoots that form the basis of the artwork, a specific woman was chosen to represent the Dakini. All the components of the costume, make up and props were collected and created. The model would then go through a process of transformation, to become a suitable vehicle for the Goddess energy of the specific Dakini.  In the studio the Dakini was invoked and evoked and the ritual of Goddess embodiment was recorded in the photos. Our process provided living proof that these Divine energies are available for the individual being to contact directly.

The dynamics of the creation process combined with the quality and beauty of what is being offered give this work an integrity, validity and unique purpose at a time when such models are vital. The 64 Dakini Oracle offers those who consult it direct access to the Goddess energy appropriate for them in the moment and gives guidance on how to apply the Goddess energy effectively in their lives. Although the Dakins are esoteric initiatresses, it has been my role to make what they bring to humanity as accessible as possible because there is a great need for accelerated evolution right now.

The writing that accompanies the images is divided into simple sections which provide a brief background on each archetype, a description of her visual depiction and a divinatory meaning to help reveal how the essence of her being can be practically applied to issues in the questioner’s life. Practices are then recommended, from visualizations and meditations to intentional acts. The Dakini sends a transmission in the form of poetic verse and provides an affirmation. All these act as tools to provide an ongoing relationship with the Dakini and the potential for transformation that she brings.

The Dakinis each carry with them a big ‘medicine bundle’. You will know which aspects of her wisdom feel most resonant with you and your current situation.

Consult The Oracle.

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